Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Our Travels Have Ended!

Well after several weeks of traveling, Ecka and I are ready to go home. We have seen some wonderful places and met some pretty crazy people. I think I drove her nuts because of my slowness in getting ready, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do right? haha

It seems like we did so many things, that a lot of things have slipped from our memories. We are glad that we kept a blog during our travels to help keep this trip alive for us. Even though we have so many picture of documentation from our travels, there are still so many details that have escaped from us. This was quite the adventure and we wouldn't trade it for anything!


Went to Cuba and had a grand ol' time. when we first arrived there we walked around and posed for a couple of pictures. We relaxed in a lounge type place, pretty quiet not many people around to bother us. We found a club and Ecka and I got our groove thang on and just let loose. It feels good to do that after traveling for so long!


In Japan Ecka and I found this really modern rotating panorama. The image was a skyline of a city. It was quite beautiful. I then met a fellow Snufkin Yifu. I think he was looking for a friend of his, he seemed pretty nice. Japan was very quite, not many people around, not really much to do either.

You: hello
snufkin Yifu: hi
You: hows it going
snufkin Yifu: I'm looking for pirow
You: is pirow a person?
snufkin Yifu: I am wrong " pillow"
You: oh ok
You: cool
snufkin Yifu: what did you do here
You: im just looking around
You: i gotta go though it was nice meeting you


We traveled to a couple of different places in China tonight. The first place we visited was mostly shops and we are just not in the shooping mood right now. I got my hair cut just before we went out and Lexie got her hair did. Our second spot had no other visitors but it was a great place to sit and meditate. I think we would both like to come back here soon. It is beautiful in the garden but the rest of the area is pretty drab.