Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Our Travels Have Ended!

Well after several weeks of traveling, Ecka and I are ready to go home. We have seen some wonderful places and met some pretty crazy people. I think I drove her nuts because of my slowness in getting ready, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do right? haha

It seems like we did so many things, that a lot of things have slipped from our memories. We are glad that we kept a blog during our travels to help keep this trip alive for us. Even though we have so many picture of documentation from our travels, there are still so many details that have escaped from us. This was quite the adventure and we wouldn't trade it for anything!


Went to Cuba and had a grand ol' time. when we first arrived there we walked around and posed for a couple of pictures. We relaxed in a lounge type place, pretty quiet not many people around to bother us. We found a club and Ecka and I got our groove thang on and just let loose. It feels good to do that after traveling for so long!


In Japan Ecka and I found this really modern rotating panorama. The image was a skyline of a city. It was quite beautiful. I then met a fellow Snufkin Yifu. I think he was looking for a friend of his, he seemed pretty nice. Japan was very quite, not many people around, not really much to do either.

You: hello
snufkin Yifu: hi
You: hows it going
snufkin Yifu: I'm looking for pirow
You: is pirow a person?
snufkin Yifu: I am wrong " pillow"
You: oh ok
You: cool
snufkin Yifu: what did you do here
You: im just looking around
You: i gotta go though it was nice meeting you


We traveled to a couple of different places in China tonight. The first place we visited was mostly shops and we are just not in the shooping mood right now. I got my hair cut just before we went out and Lexie got her hair did. Our second spot had no other visitors but it was a great place to sit and meditate. I think we would both like to come back here soon. It is beautiful in the garden but the rest of the area is pretty drab.

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Today Ecka and I went to a place called Nils with Loup and Hul. Loup took us here. It was a very beautiful place. The first place in Nils we went to was a place that looked like heaven. It was very pretty and there were clouds everywhere. Loup and I began to ballroom dance and I must say he is quite the dancer! We then found a beach like place below the heavenly atmosphere and sat a sail boat. The four of us then relaxed by the pool because the last couple days have been very tiresome.

HUL Gazov: hi
HUL Gazov: haha
loup Bertolucci: hey
HUL Gazov: t'as vu ca
loup Bertolucci: tu es né homo ou quoi
loup Bertolucci: hahahah
HUL Gazov: pire que ca
ecka Quisling is Offline
loup Bertolucci: i cant push u
You: what is this place?
ecka Quisling is Online
HUL Gazov: i don't know
You: its pretty
HUL Gazov: loup knows
loup Bertolucci: that's very difficult not to fall
loup Bertolucci: but if u fall u arrive in a nice place
ecka Quisling: lol
You: you're a great dancer
loup Bertolucci: i look very proud lol
You: haha
loup Bertolucci: in rl too of course
You: of course!
You: we're so graceful
ecka Quisling: you to make me sick
You: haha!
loup Bertolucci: haha
loup Bertolucci: oops sorry
ecka Quisling: There you are
loup Bertolucci: hey
HUL Gazov: thanks
ecka Quisling: Schrooms!
You: yum!
HUL Gazov: Nice
loup Bertolucci: come in the boat ecka
loup Bertolucci: hul can u drive it?
HUL Gazov: trying too
ecka Quisling: Haha
loup Bertolucci: haha
You: you dork!
HUL Gazov: haha
HUL Gazov: what is dork?
ecka Quisling: Your just jealous of my gracefulness
You: very jealous
loup Bertolucci: u can't use it we have to swim now
HUL Gazov: true
HUL Gazov: can you swim???
ecka Quisling: We shall see
ecka Quisling: Very cute Lexie
loup Bertolucci: where's hul
You: thank you!
HUL Gazov: hi
loup Bertolucci: oh hul you've got your acquarium
loup Bertolucci: that's good to swim
HUL Gazov: thanks
ecka Quisling: JUMP!
loup Bertolucci: lol
loup Bertolucci: i stop the game few minutes sorry i hope i'll see u after
ecka Quisling: I look cute, Loup you look like you are dead!
HUL Gazov: hhe's away
ecka Quisling: oh sorry
You: i like this place
HUL Gazov: not crowdy
HUL Gazov: so, british, no?
ecka Quisling: whos british?
HUL Gazov: you?
ecka Quisling: oh, lol somewhat
HUL Gazov: cos wanting to see little london...
ecka Quisling: oh, no no
ecka Quisling: Just traveling through different areas, that was Lexies turn/idea
ecka Quisling: you?

Saturday, April 28, 2007

London/ Austria

We stopped by Little London, and It sucked. So we moved on. It was nothing more than a sex shop. Then I was kidnapped and taken away to some unknown location. I was sperated from Lexie for a few minutes. When she finally showed up we went on a walking tour of Midsomer Isle, 30,170,24
After we regrouped, we wandered through a beautiful Austrian style land. Loup took us dancing high above the landscape. Unfortunatly, I and Loup both fell off the edge twice. I think the boys were hitting on us, but they sure make good travel partners and know lots of places to visit.

[15:42] loup Bertolucci is Online
[15:42] HUL Gazov: i noticed
[15:42] Chain Letters: Sorry you couldn't find anyone, Sylv1 Hawks. Come back and try again in 5 minutes to get a new letter!
[15:42] Chain Letters: Hello Sylv1 Hawks. Find someone whose name begins with Y and get them to sit next to you to win a prize!
[15:42] Chain Letters: Sorry you couldn't find anyone, Sylv1 Hawks. Come back and try again in 5 minutes to get a new letter!
[15:42] Lexie Bristol: haha
[15:42] Lexie Bristol: i love to take pictures
[15:43] HUL Gazov: yo do
[15:43] HUL Gazov: how did you found that place?
[15:44] loup Bertolucci: hey
[15:44] You: hi where are y ou?
[15:44] You: 0h , i see
[15:44] loup Bertolucci: Hul and Leslie will arrive
[15:45] loup Bertolucci: I guess
[15:45] loup Bertolucci: do u know this place?
[15:45] You: I do not
[15:45] You: what is it
[15:46] loup Bertolucci: i don't exactly know but that's pretty lol
[15:46] HUL Gazov: loup?
[15:46] loup Bertolucci: can u call Leslie?
[15:46] loup Bertolucci: oui hul?
[15:46] You: I got here
[15:46] HUL Gazov: can't see U
[15:46] You: *her
[15:46] HUL Gazov: i sse U
[15:47] HUL Gazov: se
[15:47] loup Bertolucci: good
[15:47] HUL Gazov: see U
[15:47] loup Bertolucci: ok shall we walk?
[15:47] You: sure
[15:47] HUL Gazov: ok
[15:47] loup Bertolucci: but we've lost leslie
[15:47] HUL Gazov: i TP her
[15:48] loup Bertolucci: ok good
[15:48] HUL Gazov: let's wait her
[15:48] HUL Gazov: loup?
[15:48] You: I think shes stuck in teleporting ...
[15:48] You: Thank you for waiting for her
[15:48] HUL Gazov: shouldn't
[15:49] HUL Gazov: ure welcome
[15:49] HUL Gazov: why here loup?
[15:49] loup Bertolucci: I don't know
[15:49] loup Bertolucci: lol
[15:49] Lexie Bristol is Offline
[15:50] Lexie Bristol is Online
[15:50] loup Bertolucci: London was very small don't u think?
[15:50] HUL Gazov: she has pbs
[15:50] loup Bertolucci: she cant tp?
[15:50] HUL Gazov: not so london,...
[15:50] HUL Gazov: hey
[15:50] You: She is always slow
[15:50] loup Bertolucci: here she is
[15:51] HUL Gazov: stop flying
[15:51] HUL Gazov: lets go
[15:52] Lexie Bristol: where we going
[15:52] loup Bertolucci: i don't know just explore
[15:52] Lexie Bristol: ok
[15:52] loup Bertolucci: is it ok for u?
[15:52] Lexie Bristol: sure
[15:53] HUL Gazov: nice place, no?
[15:53] loup Bertolucci: very well
[15:53] loup Bertolucci: yes it is
[15:53] Lexie Bristol: very nice
[15:54] Lexie Bristol: there she is
[15:54] Lexie Bristol: nice hat
[15:54] You: Sorry, I wanted to change
[15:55] loup Bertolucci: haha
[15:55] ettore Gustafson: ?
[15:55] Sabrina Hoyer: oh...there is also a chess terrace here ...did you click for information?
[15:55] HUL Gazov: let's walk a bit
[15:56] ettore Gustafson: where did you see that?
[15:56] loup Bertolucci: hey
[15:56] HUL Gazov: hey
[15:56] You: beautiful
[15:57] Cancelled Sit
[15:57] HUL Gazov: claro
[15:57] You: You saw nothing :)
[15:57] loup Bertolucci: what?
[15:57] HUL Gazov: a bit too austrian
[15:58] HUL Gazov: ostereich
[15:58] HUL Gazov: vienne
[15:58] You: I see
[15:58] Lexie Bristol: who wants to dance?
[15:59] You: Not nice, I wanted to dance
[15:59] Lexie Bristol: lol
[16:00] You: lol
[16:00] loup Bertolucci: hey
[16:01] You: Hi again
[16:01] Lexie Bristol: glad to see you back loup
[16:01] You: It is beautiful here
[16:01] Lexie Bristol: very
[16:01] loup Bertolucci: shall we explore an other place now?
[16:01] Lexie Bristol: yes
[16:01] Autopilot canceled
[16:01] Lexie Bristol: where is hul?
[16:01] loup Bertolucci: r u in sl for a long time?
[16:02] loup Bertolucci: i don't know
[16:02] Lexie Bristol: we will be here for a while
[16:02] loup Bertolucci: r u old in sl?
[16:03] loup Bertolucci: haha hul
[16:03] Lexie Bristol: just a couple months
[16:03] loup Bertolucci: ok
[16:03] Lexie Bristol: what is on your head?
[16:03] loup Bertolucci: hul is a fish
[16:03] Lexie Bristol: LOL
[16:03] Lexie Bristol: :D
[16:04] loup Bertolucci: he needs an aquarium to live u know
[16:04] HUL Gazov: trying to be
[16:04] Lexie Bristol: HAHA
[16:04] You: oiy
[16:04] Lexie Bristol: so where we going?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

African Village, Little Africa 6,115,24

We started out today at the bar. Lexie took forever to get dressed. After she was finally ready we had a few drinks and table danced a bit, guess it was a little early for us to be drinking. Apparently after drinking to many coconut drinks we started getting tipsy, I was tripping over nothing. We encountered a money tree and other travelers who wanted to know how it works. Someone eventually told us that moneyt falls from the tree, and you have to be around to pick it up. We spoke with Loup and Hul and they joined us on our travels.

[15:02] tiki bar v3 gave you blue tsunami.
[15:02] tiki bar v3 gave you mystery cocktail.
[15:16] mai ti luau drink whispers: MMm MMM good!
[15:18] Ebony's African Door: Sorry ecka Quisling, this door is locked
[15:18] loup Bertolucci: yeah
[15:18] HUL Gazov: yeah
[15:19] loup Bertolucci: je sais pas
[15:19] Lexie Bristol: hello
[15:19] HUL Gazov: hello
[15:19] loup Bertolucci: hi Lexie and ecka
[15:20] You: hello
[15:20] Lexie Bristol: hows it going
[15:20] loup Bertolucci: do you know how this tree works?
[15:20] Lexie Bristol: i have no idea
[15:20] Lexie Bristol: we were wondering the same thing
[15:20] HUL Gazov: ok
[15:20] Lexie Bristol: sorry
[15:20] loup Bertolucci: ok
[15:20] loup Bertolucci: np
[15:20] loup Bertolucci: ty
[15:21] Lexie Bristol: do you come here a lot?
[15:21] HUL Gazov: Me?
[15:21] Lexie Bristol: yea both of you guys
[15:21] loup Bertolucci: hul je demande à noisette
[15:21] HUL Gazov: OK, Loup
[15:22] HUL Gazov: Not very often
[15:22] Lexie Bristol: yeah this is our first time here
[15:22] HUL Gazov: Here or in SL
[15:22] Lexie Bristol: here
[15:22] HUL Gazov: OK
[15:23] HUL Gazov: what are 4drinking?
[15:23] You: hicup*
[15:23] HUL Gazov: U drinking?
[15:23] Lexie Bristol: im a drinking a blue tsunami
[15:23] You: I do not know, but I keep falling down
[15:23] Lexie Bristol: yum!
[15:23] Lexie Bristol: you drunk
[15:23] HUL Gazov: Could be
[15:23] You: am not much
[15:23] Lexie Bristol: lol
[15:24] You: Would you like to join us exploring this place, I promise to stop drinking for a bit
[15:24] Lexie Bristol: hahaha
[15:25] HUL Gazov: hah too
[15:25] HUL Gazov: the id was to find money here
[15:25] You: what about pretty girls?
[15:25] loup Bertolucci: Hul when there'is money under the tree you just have to take it
[15:25] You: very strange
[15:26] HUL Gazov: You know...
[15:26] HUL Gazov: money-girls...
[15:26] loup Bertolucci: if you don't find money you must go back to the first LM noisette gave u
[15:26] Lexie Bristol: lol
[15:26] You: Can you explain more?
[15:26] HUL Gazov: Loup, are U going there?
[15:27] loup Bertolucci: there is no money here you must find an other tree
[15:27] HUL Gazov: ok Loup
[15:27] loup Bertolucci: that's a stupid game
[15:27] HUL Gazov: i think so
[15:27] loup Bertolucci gave you arbre a sous.
[15:28] HUL Gazov: who takes pics?
[15:28] You: Lexie ")
[15:28] loup Bertolucci: ecka with this LM u will find many money trees
[15:28] loup Bertolucci: (*^_^*)
[15:28] You: Thank you loup
[15:28] Lexie Bristol: cool
[15:28] Lexie Bristol: i took a pic of us...hope you dont mind
[15:29] HUL Gazov: I don't
[15:29] loup Bertolucci: np
[15:29] Lexie Bristol: cool!
[15:29] HUL Gazov: what's upstairs?
[15:29] Lexie Bristol: no idea
[15:29] loup Bertolucci: you're not drunk anymore ecka
[15:29] loup Bertolucci: ,
[15:29] You: :)
[15:29] You: Not for right now
[15:30] loup Bertolucci: haha
[15:30] HUL Gazov: haha
[15:30] loup Bertolucci: haha good
[15:30] Lexie Bristol: not much around here
[15:30] You: There is nothing here
[15:30] loup Bertolucci: no
[15:31] loup Bertolucci: where r u from?
[15:31] You: We have to move on to our next destination would you lke to join us?
[15:31] Lexie Bristol: we are travelers...dont really have a home
[15:31] HUL Gazov: U have to?
[15:31] loup Bertolucci: why not but i travel with hul
[15:32] loup Bertolucci: i ask him ok?
[15:32] You: yes, sounds good
[15:32] Lexie Bristol: awesome
[15:33] HUL Gazov: Ya
[15:33] HUL Gazov: ok
[15:33] loup Bertolucci: ok you'll tp me?
[15:33] Lexie Bristol: we are going to a place called little london next
[15:33] HUL Gazov: London?
[15:33] Lexie Bristol: yes
[15:34] loup Bertolucci: now u can find me and tp me
[15:34] You: thank you
[15:34] HUL Gazov: thanks lexie
[15:34] loup Bertolucci: what's the name of this location exactly?
[15:34] Lexie Bristol: np