Saturday, April 28, 2007

London/ Austria

We stopped by Little London, and It sucked. So we moved on. It was nothing more than a sex shop. Then I was kidnapped and taken away to some unknown location. I was sperated from Lexie for a few minutes. When she finally showed up we went on a walking tour of Midsomer Isle, 30,170,24
After we regrouped, we wandered through a beautiful Austrian style land. Loup took us dancing high above the landscape. Unfortunatly, I and Loup both fell off the edge twice. I think the boys were hitting on us, but they sure make good travel partners and know lots of places to visit.

[15:42] loup Bertolucci is Online
[15:42] HUL Gazov: i noticed
[15:42] Chain Letters: Sorry you couldn't find anyone, Sylv1 Hawks. Come back and try again in 5 minutes to get a new letter!
[15:42] Chain Letters: Hello Sylv1 Hawks. Find someone whose name begins with Y and get them to sit next to you to win a prize!
[15:42] Chain Letters: Sorry you couldn't find anyone, Sylv1 Hawks. Come back and try again in 5 minutes to get a new letter!
[15:42] Lexie Bristol: haha
[15:42] Lexie Bristol: i love to take pictures
[15:43] HUL Gazov: yo do
[15:43] HUL Gazov: how did you found that place?
[15:44] loup Bertolucci: hey
[15:44] You: hi where are y ou?
[15:44] You: 0h , i see
[15:44] loup Bertolucci: Hul and Leslie will arrive
[15:45] loup Bertolucci: I guess
[15:45] loup Bertolucci: do u know this place?
[15:45] You: I do not
[15:45] You: what is it
[15:46] loup Bertolucci: i don't exactly know but that's pretty lol
[15:46] HUL Gazov: loup?
[15:46] loup Bertolucci: can u call Leslie?
[15:46] loup Bertolucci: oui hul?
[15:46] You: I got here
[15:46] HUL Gazov: can't see U
[15:46] You: *her
[15:46] HUL Gazov: i sse U
[15:47] HUL Gazov: se
[15:47] loup Bertolucci: good
[15:47] HUL Gazov: see U
[15:47] loup Bertolucci: ok shall we walk?
[15:47] You: sure
[15:47] HUL Gazov: ok
[15:47] loup Bertolucci: but we've lost leslie
[15:47] HUL Gazov: i TP her
[15:48] loup Bertolucci: ok good
[15:48] HUL Gazov: let's wait her
[15:48] HUL Gazov: loup?
[15:48] You: I think shes stuck in teleporting ...
[15:48] You: Thank you for waiting for her
[15:48] HUL Gazov: shouldn't
[15:49] HUL Gazov: ure welcome
[15:49] HUL Gazov: why here loup?
[15:49] loup Bertolucci: I don't know
[15:49] loup Bertolucci: lol
[15:49] Lexie Bristol is Offline
[15:50] Lexie Bristol is Online
[15:50] loup Bertolucci: London was very small don't u think?
[15:50] HUL Gazov: she has pbs
[15:50] loup Bertolucci: she cant tp?
[15:50] HUL Gazov: not so london,...
[15:50] HUL Gazov: hey
[15:50] You: She is always slow
[15:50] loup Bertolucci: here she is
[15:51] HUL Gazov: stop flying
[15:51] HUL Gazov: lets go
[15:52] Lexie Bristol: where we going
[15:52] loup Bertolucci: i don't know just explore
[15:52] Lexie Bristol: ok
[15:52] loup Bertolucci: is it ok for u?
[15:52] Lexie Bristol: sure
[15:53] HUL Gazov: nice place, no?
[15:53] loup Bertolucci: very well
[15:53] loup Bertolucci: yes it is
[15:53] Lexie Bristol: very nice
[15:54] Lexie Bristol: there she is
[15:54] Lexie Bristol: nice hat
[15:54] You: Sorry, I wanted to change
[15:55] loup Bertolucci: haha
[15:55] ettore Gustafson: ?
[15:55] Sabrina Hoyer: oh...there is also a chess terrace here ...did you click for information?
[15:55] HUL Gazov: let's walk a bit
[15:56] ettore Gustafson: where did you see that?
[15:56] loup Bertolucci: hey
[15:56] HUL Gazov: hey
[15:56] You: beautiful
[15:57] Cancelled Sit
[15:57] HUL Gazov: claro
[15:57] You: You saw nothing :)
[15:57] loup Bertolucci: what?
[15:57] HUL Gazov: a bit too austrian
[15:58] HUL Gazov: ostereich
[15:58] HUL Gazov: vienne
[15:58] You: I see
[15:58] Lexie Bristol: who wants to dance?
[15:59] You: Not nice, I wanted to dance
[15:59] Lexie Bristol: lol
[16:00] You: lol
[16:00] loup Bertolucci: hey
[16:01] You: Hi again
[16:01] Lexie Bristol: glad to see you back loup
[16:01] You: It is beautiful here
[16:01] Lexie Bristol: very
[16:01] loup Bertolucci: shall we explore an other place now?
[16:01] Lexie Bristol: yes
[16:01] Autopilot canceled
[16:01] Lexie Bristol: where is hul?
[16:01] loup Bertolucci: r u in sl for a long time?
[16:02] loup Bertolucci: i don't know
[16:02] Lexie Bristol: we will be here for a while
[16:02] loup Bertolucci: r u old in sl?
[16:03] loup Bertolucci: haha hul
[16:03] Lexie Bristol: just a couple months
[16:03] loup Bertolucci: ok
[16:03] Lexie Bristol: what is on your head?
[16:03] loup Bertolucci: hul is a fish
[16:03] Lexie Bristol: LOL
[16:03] Lexie Bristol: :D
[16:04] loup Bertolucci: he needs an aquarium to live u know
[16:04] HUL Gazov: trying to be
[16:04] Lexie Bristol: HAHA
[16:04] You: oiy
[16:04] Lexie Bristol: so where we going?

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