Sunday, April 29, 2007


Today Ecka and I went to a place called Nils with Loup and Hul. Loup took us here. It was a very beautiful place. The first place in Nils we went to was a place that looked like heaven. It was very pretty and there were clouds everywhere. Loup and I began to ballroom dance and I must say he is quite the dancer! We then found a beach like place below the heavenly atmosphere and sat a sail boat. The four of us then relaxed by the pool because the last couple days have been very tiresome.

HUL Gazov: hi
HUL Gazov: haha
loup Bertolucci: hey
HUL Gazov: t'as vu ca
loup Bertolucci: tu es né homo ou quoi
loup Bertolucci: hahahah
HUL Gazov: pire que ca
ecka Quisling is Offline
loup Bertolucci: i cant push u
You: what is this place?
ecka Quisling is Online
HUL Gazov: i don't know
You: its pretty
HUL Gazov: loup knows
loup Bertolucci: that's very difficult not to fall
loup Bertolucci: but if u fall u arrive in a nice place
ecka Quisling: lol
You: you're a great dancer
loup Bertolucci: i look very proud lol
You: haha
loup Bertolucci: in rl too of course
You: of course!
You: we're so graceful
ecka Quisling: you to make me sick
You: haha!
loup Bertolucci: haha
loup Bertolucci: oops sorry
ecka Quisling: There you are
loup Bertolucci: hey
HUL Gazov: thanks
ecka Quisling: Schrooms!
You: yum!
HUL Gazov: Nice
loup Bertolucci: come in the boat ecka
loup Bertolucci: hul can u drive it?
HUL Gazov: trying too
ecka Quisling: Haha
loup Bertolucci: haha
You: you dork!
HUL Gazov: haha
HUL Gazov: what is dork?
ecka Quisling: Your just jealous of my gracefulness
You: very jealous
loup Bertolucci: u can't use it we have to swim now
HUL Gazov: true
HUL Gazov: can you swim???
ecka Quisling: We shall see
ecka Quisling: Very cute Lexie
loup Bertolucci: where's hul
You: thank you!
HUL Gazov: hi
loup Bertolucci: oh hul you've got your acquarium
loup Bertolucci: that's good to swim
HUL Gazov: thanks
ecka Quisling: JUMP!
loup Bertolucci: lol
loup Bertolucci: i stop the game few minutes sorry i hope i'll see u after
ecka Quisling: I look cute, Loup you look like you are dead!
HUL Gazov: hhe's away
ecka Quisling: oh sorry
You: i like this place
HUL Gazov: not crowdy
HUL Gazov: so, british, no?
ecka Quisling: whos british?
HUL Gazov: you?
ecka Quisling: oh, lol somewhat
HUL Gazov: cos wanting to see little london...
ecka Quisling: oh, no no
ecka Quisling: Just traveling through different areas, that was Lexies turn/idea
ecka Quisling: you?

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