Thursday, April 26, 2007

African Village, Little Africa 6,115,24

We started out today at the bar. Lexie took forever to get dressed. After she was finally ready we had a few drinks and table danced a bit, guess it was a little early for us to be drinking. Apparently after drinking to many coconut drinks we started getting tipsy, I was tripping over nothing. We encountered a money tree and other travelers who wanted to know how it works. Someone eventually told us that moneyt falls from the tree, and you have to be around to pick it up. We spoke with Loup and Hul and they joined us on our travels.

[15:02] tiki bar v3 gave you blue tsunami.
[15:02] tiki bar v3 gave you mystery cocktail.
[15:16] mai ti luau drink whispers: MMm MMM good!
[15:18] Ebony's African Door: Sorry ecka Quisling, this door is locked
[15:18] loup Bertolucci: yeah
[15:18] HUL Gazov: yeah
[15:19] loup Bertolucci: je sais pas
[15:19] Lexie Bristol: hello
[15:19] HUL Gazov: hello
[15:19] loup Bertolucci: hi Lexie and ecka
[15:20] You: hello
[15:20] Lexie Bristol: hows it going
[15:20] loup Bertolucci: do you know how this tree works?
[15:20] Lexie Bristol: i have no idea
[15:20] Lexie Bristol: we were wondering the same thing
[15:20] HUL Gazov: ok
[15:20] Lexie Bristol: sorry
[15:20] loup Bertolucci: ok
[15:20] loup Bertolucci: np
[15:20] loup Bertolucci: ty
[15:21] Lexie Bristol: do you come here a lot?
[15:21] HUL Gazov: Me?
[15:21] Lexie Bristol: yea both of you guys
[15:21] loup Bertolucci: hul je demande à noisette
[15:21] HUL Gazov: OK, Loup
[15:22] HUL Gazov: Not very often
[15:22] Lexie Bristol: yeah this is our first time here
[15:22] HUL Gazov: Here or in SL
[15:22] Lexie Bristol: here
[15:22] HUL Gazov: OK
[15:23] HUL Gazov: what are 4drinking?
[15:23] You: hicup*
[15:23] HUL Gazov: U drinking?
[15:23] Lexie Bristol: im a drinking a blue tsunami
[15:23] You: I do not know, but I keep falling down
[15:23] Lexie Bristol: yum!
[15:23] Lexie Bristol: you drunk
[15:23] HUL Gazov: Could be
[15:23] You: am not much
[15:23] Lexie Bristol: lol
[15:24] You: Would you like to join us exploring this place, I promise to stop drinking for a bit
[15:24] Lexie Bristol: hahaha
[15:25] HUL Gazov: hah too
[15:25] HUL Gazov: the id was to find money here
[15:25] You: what about pretty girls?
[15:25] loup Bertolucci: Hul when there'is money under the tree you just have to take it
[15:25] You: very strange
[15:26] HUL Gazov: You know...
[15:26] HUL Gazov: money-girls...
[15:26] loup Bertolucci: if you don't find money you must go back to the first LM noisette gave u
[15:26] Lexie Bristol: lol
[15:26] You: Can you explain more?
[15:26] HUL Gazov: Loup, are U going there?
[15:27] loup Bertolucci: there is no money here you must find an other tree
[15:27] HUL Gazov: ok Loup
[15:27] loup Bertolucci: that's a stupid game
[15:27] HUL Gazov: i think so
[15:27] loup Bertolucci gave you arbre a sous.
[15:28] HUL Gazov: who takes pics?
[15:28] You: Lexie ")
[15:28] loup Bertolucci: ecka with this LM u will find many money trees
[15:28] loup Bertolucci: (*^_^*)
[15:28] You: Thank you loup
[15:28] Lexie Bristol: cool
[15:28] Lexie Bristol: i took a pic of us...hope you dont mind
[15:29] HUL Gazov: I don't
[15:29] loup Bertolucci: np
[15:29] Lexie Bristol: cool!
[15:29] HUL Gazov: what's upstairs?
[15:29] Lexie Bristol: no idea
[15:29] loup Bertolucci: you're not drunk anymore ecka
[15:29] loup Bertolucci: ,
[15:29] You: :)
[15:29] You: Not for right now
[15:30] loup Bertolucci: haha
[15:30] HUL Gazov: haha
[15:30] loup Bertolucci: haha good
[15:30] Lexie Bristol: not much around here
[15:30] You: There is nothing here
[15:30] loup Bertolucci: no
[15:31] loup Bertolucci: where r u from?
[15:31] You: We have to move on to our next destination would you lke to join us?
[15:31] Lexie Bristol: we are travelers...dont really have a home
[15:31] HUL Gazov: U have to?
[15:31] loup Bertolucci: why not but i travel with hul
[15:32] loup Bertolucci: i ask him ok?
[15:32] You: yes, sounds good
[15:32] Lexie Bristol: awesome
[15:33] HUL Gazov: Ya
[15:33] HUL Gazov: ok
[15:33] loup Bertolucci: ok you'll tp me?
[15:33] Lexie Bristol: we are going to a place called little london next
[15:33] HUL Gazov: London?
[15:33] Lexie Bristol: yes
[15:34] loup Bertolucci: now u can find me and tp me
[15:34] You: thank you
[15:34] HUL Gazov: thanks lexie
[15:34] loup Bertolucci: what's the name of this location exactly?
[15:34] Lexie Bristol: np

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