Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Ecka and I went to Ireland today. Ireland seemed to be quite small, however we did find an Irish Pub called Slugger O'Toole's Pub. There we met some girls who were hanging out at the bar and dancing to the Irish music playing in the background. They taught how to jig and it seemed like a very fun place to be. Ecka and I walked around for a bit and found a Pot-Of-Gold in the center of what looked like Stonehenge. We were a little confused as to why a makeshift Stonehenge would be in Ireland when the real Stonehenge is in Britain. We also found a castle which was pretty cool to walk around in.

Cynthia Ohara: Hi Lexie
[14:28] Ciera Canning: That's why we are here - to learn
[14:28] You: hello
[14:28] You: whats everyone up to?
[14:28] Annelies Fratica: Welcome Lexie!
[14:29] You: hi!
[14:29] Annelies Fratica: to dancing a jig for example ...
[14:29] Annelies Fratica: when the right music is on the radio ...
[14:29] You: sounds fun
[14:29] You: what is this place called?
[14:30] Annelies Fratica: Slugger o' tooles pub ...
[14:30] You: cool
[14:30] Annelies Fratica: I think, hihihi
[14:30] Annelies Fratica: is this the first time you visit this place, Lexie?
[14:31] You: yes it is
[14:31] You: your dancing is awesome
[14:31] Annelies Fratica: you can dance a jig by clicking on the bodhran behind you on the wall
[14:31] Annelies Fratica: over here
[14:31] You: haha!
[14:31] Annelies Fratica: yup
[14:31] Ciera Canning: If you like Irish music, her cd is brilliant
[14:31] Cynthia Ohara: Pretty voice
[14:32] Annelies Fratica: but the most tunes are slow airs for the moment, not so jiggy
[14:32] You: i like it
[14:33] Annelies Fratica gave you Irish Jig Bracelet.
[14:33] Annelies Fratica: with this bracelet you can dance a jig anywhere!
[14:33] You: thanks for the bracelet
[14:33] You: cool!
[14:33] Annelies Fratica: like this
[14:35] Annelies Fratica: hello Ecka!
[14:35] ecka Quisling: Hello
[14:35] You: this is my friend ecka
[14:35] Ciera Canning: It's such a beautiful song
[14:36] Annelies Fratica: hmm, this music is a little more jiggy, hihihi
[14:36] You: its very upbeat
[14:36] Annelies Fratica: you can dance a jig by clicking on the drum over there Ecka
[14:36] ecka Quisling: Thank you
[14:37] Annelies Fratica: click on it again to stop ...
[14:39] Annelies Fratica: I like fusion music, but this music is nice to hear on the radio, not for buying a cd from it ...

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