Wednesday, April 11, 2007

In Amsterdam!

Today we went to Amsterdam and talked with some of the people there. One girl we talked to was an escort looking for customers, she seemed pretty nice!
You: hello
[13:52] patty Tinlegs: hello
[13:52] You: anything interesting to do here?
[13:53] patty Tinlegs: mmm i'm looking for customers
[13:53] You: ??
[13:53] patty Tinlegs: i'm an escort
[13:53] You: oh...i got ya

Another guy we talked to was just haning out there chatting with other people around.
Tone Homewood: hi lexie
[14:10] You: hello
[14:10] Tone Homewood: how are you today?
[14:10] You: im good just wondering around...and you?
[14:10] Tone Homewood: having fun here in amsterdam?
[14:11] You: haha
[14:11] You: what kind of fun?
[14:11] Tone Homewood: just asking
[14:11] Tone Homewood: I like to come here for the people
[14:12] Tone Homewood: what do you do here?
[14:12] You: im just visiting
[14:12] Tone Homewood: I see
[14:13] Tone Homewood: Im just hanging out talking to you and kim
[14:13] You: cool
[14:13] You: do you come here a lot?
[14:13] Tone Homewood: not really
[14:13] Tone Homewood: usually not so many here
[14:14] You: yeah me either
[14:14] Tone Homewood: fun when there are people here
[14:14] You: yeah i've been here one other time and there werent this many people here
[14:15] Tone Homewood: no, it has been dead for a long time
[14:15] You: its been nice talking to you but i think i've got to go

We found a mini cooper on the street so we got in it an took a picture! It was pretty cool!

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