Monday, April 9, 2007

Waiting on Lexie to arrive

This morning I awaited Lexie in Parioli, Italy. While I was waitng I spoke with some locals. They had a translator that I asked for, but they were not able to transfer it to me. The following chat logs are what transpired between us. Then I sat down briefly with Inimocai, a man claming to be a boss of a major yogurt company. I think I upset him because he left, but then my favorite girl arrived and it was time to plan for fun!

[13:28] xkol: edo
[13:28] Edoardo Bingyi: si?
[13:28] kol Beleza: allora ti passo
[13:28] xkol: then I pass to you
[13:28] xEdoardo: ?
[13:29] Edoardo Bingyi: allora mi spieghi?
[13:29] xEdoardo: then it explains to me?
[13:29] You: is that a translator?
[13:29] Edoardo Bingyi: mi spieghi?
[13:29] xEdoardo: it explains to me?
[13:29] You: yes, how do I use one?
[13:29] kol Beleza: non riesco a passarlo
[13:30] xkol: I do not succeed to pass it
[13:30] Edoardo Bingyi: ma cosa รจ che mi devi passare?
[13:30] xEdoardo: but what is that you must pass to me?
[13:30] You: how did you find it, where can I get one?
[13:30] kol Beleza: il pacco dei title
[13:30] xkol: the package of the title
[13:30] Edoardo Bingyi: non riesci?
[13:30] xEdoardo: you do not succeed?
[13:31] kol Beleza: no
[13:31] xkol: not
[13:31] kol Beleza: dai domani

[13:37] Inimocai Allen: ecka....
[13:37] You: yes
[13:37] Inimocai Allen: siediti
[13:38] You: I have no linden
[13:39] You: I do not speak italian :(
[13:39] Inimocai Allen: lesson one.....
[13:40] Inimocai Allen: i'm stefano and living in roma.....really roma
[13:41] Inimocai Allen: trastevere....porta portese
[13:41] Inimocai Allen: i
[13:41] Inimocai Allen: my name is stefano
[13:42] You: My name is ecka, i'm studying abroad in 2nd life from the US
[13:42] Inimocai Allen: great...
[13:42] Inimocai Allen: hobby?
[13:43] You: eh, art class
[13:43] You: [13:43] Inimocai Allen: art class.... i live art..... in roma
[13:43] You: My friend and I are visiting places in 2nd life that we may never be able to see in our firsts
[13:44] You: I would love to experience art as life where you are

[13:44] Inimocai Allen: your city?
[13:44] You: Reno, Nevada
[13:45] Inimocai Allen: fantastic....
[13:45] Inimocai Allen: nevada....infinite land
[13:45] You: or in 2nd life I live at the Chuck norris performance group site
[13:46] Inimocai Allen: chuck norris? great actor and sportman
[13:46] You: hehe
[13:46] You: yes
[13:47] Inimocai Allen: i go in ny and baltimora for travel....
[13:47] Inimocai Allen: whit my ex girl
[13:47] You: you must have a good job for that
[13:48] You: i might like to visit ny some day
[13:48] Inimocai Allen: yes. i bos in italian company....danone you know?
[13:48] You: ah yes
[13:49] Inimocai Allen: like yogurt?
[13:49] You: I was a farmer, lol yes i understand
[13:49] Inimocai Allen: today is my happy birtday.....

[13:50] You cannot currently invite anyone to your location because the region is full. Try again later.!

[13:51] You: congratulations, why are you spending it in 2nd life? couldn't you be enjoying the sunshine and the art?
[13:53] Inimocai Allen: scusami. i go now. see you ecka again around this word....
[13:53] You: okay, have a good one

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